Lordos Organisation is a highly diversified Organisation which constantly evaluates new trends and market needs, and timely enters the market with appropriate propositions and products to meet them.
Lordos Organisation was founded in early 20th century in Famagusta, Cyprus, by Mr. George D. Lordos, the father of the organisation’s present chairman Mr.Constantinos G. Lordos. The Lordos Organisation was officially registered in 1936.


To guarantee that the companies within the group – irrespective of their field – provide the highest level of products / services, offer the best value to our customers and respect our associates.


To expand our varied activities beyond the Cypriot borders, by transferring our almost century-long experience on customer needs and efficiency on adaptability, to emerging European markets.

Core Values


We value our people and constantly strive to develop the diverse range of their talents. We make sure that our people, their families and the community are at the heart of our operations.


We are committed to honesty, ethical behavior and respect for legality and the established norms and rules, regarding every aspect of our business.


We aim to excellence by employing the best people with a passion for change and the drive to succeed, while constantly, seeking ways to improve further and add value to everything we provide.