Our Commitment

At Lordos Organisation we commit ourselves to putting in place policies, procedures and best practices to promote and cultivate corporate social responsibility. CSR for us relates to the actions we take towards the support and involvement in society, to our employees and to the environment.


We often contribute to society by supporting charitable and non-profit organisations as an expression of our concern for our fellow citizens in need. Our initiatives for volunteerism and the Society include the following:
  • Marianna Lordos Cancer Memorial Fund: Is a nonprofit organisation and has been developed to support the excellent work and progress against cancer through the free exchange of knowledge and information on a worldwide scale.
  • Agios Stefanos Foundation: The aim of the program is to protect, accommodate and care for people with intellectual disabilities, with the ultimate goal of de-institutionalization and their smooth integration into society and the claim of equal opportunities in life.
  • Theotokos Foundation for people with disabilities: Pre-primary education unit, Day Care and Boarding House Unit where permanently 32 people reside, offering shelter, personal care, medical care, creative employment.
  • PASYKAF Cyprus: The Organisation provides cancer patients and their families with moral and financial support and constantly working for the improvement of cancer diagnostic and treatment services in Cyprus by educating and training both professionals and the public.
  • Famagusta Eco City Project: With roots and origins from our beloved city of Famagusta, there was no option for us not to participate in a vision to turn a captive ghost city and the surrounding region into an eco-city model, where Famagusta can be developed as the center for peace and sustainability within a troubled region and a magnet for younger generations.

Human Resources - Employees

We constantly strive to create a sense of community to our people, while at the same time empowering them to focus on their role and to develop their strengths within the company.
  • A private insurance scheme covering medical and hospital treatment for all employees under a contract of an indefinite duration with our companies.
  • The possibility for our employees and teams to participate in specialized personal development workshops in order to improve their personal and professional skills.
  • The prospect for our executives to participate in various workshops, forums and one-day seminars so that they can keep pace with market developments on matters pertaining to their work at the Organisation.
  • Specialized training in matters of safety and first aid for our employees.


At Lordos Organisation we embrace the responsibility for our actions and we take initiatives towards a positive impact on the environment.
  • We promote energy saving activities in our ground facilities (offices, factories, distribution points, warehouses etc.).
  • In our food trading companies, we separate aluminum and paper and send them to recycling companies. We recycle more than 2 tons of paper each year.
  • Clear instructions have been given to all companies within the Organisation for using less paper in their promotional activities.
  • According to our Electronic Equipment Renewal Program we do not throw anything into the garbage but we send everything to a waste management company where sorting and recycling is done.